Author's Message

 The following essay, entitled "The Author's Message," precedes virtually every publication—usually written to clinical therapists and those having social management responsibilities—that contains ETM TRT SHOM information. Although this series was originally designed and produced for a different audience, the general public, the essay/"Message" still warrants presentation.

Author’s Message
Author’s Thesis and Goals Underpinning ETM TRT SHOM Publications

Having done this work for the past three decades-plus, I’m leaving the next generation of dedicated ETM TRT professionals with this missive. Naming it the “Author’s Message,”

it is the most important statement to be made about ETM TRT by its author, showing its meaning for and importance to humanity and concluding with clarification of the model’s goals set for it to achieve by the end of the twenty-first century.

Restating for emphasis, ETM TRT has endurably, completely and Etiotropically resolved the psychological trauma affecting every case to which it was administered in accordance with its application criteria. As ETM TRT’s author celebrating this thirtieth (plus) anniversary of its initial development (1979-1981), I am stating what I have learned starting with the years just following its inception and continuing thereafter to be true: “Resolution” as I’ve employed it here means that

ETM TRT has cured, stills cures, and will continue to cure immemorially

people affected by psychological trauma and its more recognizable outcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Moreover and in case you have not understood the full meaning of this statement, no other secular-based body of psychological research and study has ever provided the world since the beginning of humankind’s existence a view or experience of this phenomenon’s equal. Imagine the final removal of the deepest, darkest vacuum of devastation that heretofore has hollowed our hearts and minds of their ontological essence, vacating ordinary existence, joy and pleasure from our lives as they have been taken inexorably over the millennia to their endings, never having known without abuse their life’s wonderments. Albeit not intended as an ideological creation for a utopian person, society or world civilization, due to ETM TRT’s applications so far to some members of our generations, for them there’ll be no more sequestered haunting trauma attended by seemingly perdurable loss-causing shock, horror, unyielding anxiety, hurt, shame, sadness, disillusion and everlasting depression.

Psychological trauma has two other functions different from just being the intrapsychic source of individual, family and community life long misery. These variables make psychological trauma the Gordian knot to be untied if anyone other than me, and I know already that there are a few, intends to end pain and suffering that has been reinventing itself as if an infinite part of man for (at least) the last three to five thousand years.

First, psychological trauma provides an inexhaustible fuel supply for that inveterate relic of the once dark ages of mental health, the “cycle of violence.” Traumatized people sometimes traumatize others, including even their loved ones. In that same vein, traumatized people have also been found to be hindered by the same trauma from defending themselves and their loved ones against recurring like events. Second, psychopaths use trauma, for example, created through the killing of innocent citizens as a time responsive intrapsychically implanted manipulation device that systemically controls their political oppositions’ defensive management activities. That is called “terrorism.”

Strategic ETM employs its oft referenced to be daedal structural features in conjunction with TRT’s ability to cure trauma affected individuals and systems in order to expunge and then dispose of that system management debilitating fuel that repeatedly re launches the “cycle.” Removing the fuel interrupts the cycle and then ends it.

Thereafter, what also can we expect to succumb to our cause, determinations, and Strategic ETM strengthened capacities? It will be those perpetrators of perpetual calamity and hysteria. That is, strategic uses of ETM will end not just their hegemonic methods, but also the very existences of those people who would commit the heinous and vile deeds the methods require to traumatize their prey. The days where terrorists so adroitly exploit peace and innocence to advance minority interests are coming to an end. Without any equivocation, ETM TRT is the sword that will cut the Gordian knot of otherwise believed to be human nature-inspired thus ever continuing criminal, as in terrorism, violence.

Imagine, then, even more profoundly if you dare, what our world could be like without that cycle of violence and the ability of psycho-socio-pathic offenders to use trauma to control others; although ending that cycle is not suggested or intended to produce a utopian civilization, it is the intent to create one that operates itself without perpetual heinousness constantly attempting to predominate decision making: that is, how we conduct and otherwise manage ourselves. But at least if our thirty years past, current and near future preparations work, that is, establishing global understanding that trauma as a horrific and sometimes self-perpetuating force can be removed from our planet’s populations’ lives, then our next generation of determined ETM TRT professionals can more easily and readily spend their time just finishing the job of actual implementation: extricating the rest of our civilizations out from under trauma’s now obscenely unnecessary multidimensional burden. After achieving the goals of ridding our citizenry of trauma’s effects and then preventing it from being used by criminality and the insane, who knows what else a world without psychological trauma can do?

I intend to train and certify as ETM TRT SHOM competent and with my authority to administer the model, only those professionals who can and will ascribe to the referenced goals. And please know and remember: Even if you are not the administrator of ETM and SHOM’s strategic functions, it is the clinical TRT incremental work done at the individual cure/trauma-etiology-reversal level that can and will make the more grandeur view become reality.