Dual Titled OP-ED: "Revolution Made Easy . . ." and "The Westbury Rebel: Texas Fighting Legend"

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Change summary: This 2013-2014 OPED has been updated in 2016-17 with additional text (tablelized in blue below) and a second title representing the antagonist's view and methods —  in opposition to which this opinion editorial is themed. Beginning with the updated (second) title, it is

"Revolution Made Easy: 
how to steal a country before anybody in it knows what hit them"

and the original title headlining the article between 2014 and 2017

"The Westbury Rebel: Texas Fighting Legend"

(Nine thousand words)


In January, 2014, the Houston education board voted to terminate the more than half century old Westbury High School Rebel mascot. According to news reports, the Rebel was, along with three other icons related to Native Americans and warriors, seen as no longer being in vogue with the newer, as opined to be more current, values of the new Houston, new Texas, or new America, and particularly — from this view — with the New Left's political management methodologies newly and globally being embraced by new professional educators. Thus, and regarding the references to all the myriad "newnesses" and to include the wider "New Left's" political influence, I mean that, albeit local participants' pain is no doubt real and understandable, the new managerial activity that pain is spawning, and attracting, does NOT act just in the interests of local upsettednesses, but also of those both distant and dissimilar.

Neither is this event, at its advertised crux, about NOT-NEW race and ethnicity differences and subsequent conflict. I think, instead, that the story presenting here is about how otherwise real pain, felt by people afflicted by abuse/derision/targeted — by perpetrators — dissolutions of individual and collective identities, and lots of other things, is exploited through the contrived applications of ethicless, and trauma-caused pain management. It's proffered by a decompensating mentally deranged mob and its faux-intellectual leadership, and the duality-causing effects of devisive social engineering machinations inherent to the epistemologies underpinning political correctness(pc)-based public management applications. There's an alternative model traditionally used in the West: finding not "a", but "the" truth, and despite the individual and shared pain caused by examining that reality forthrightly — then proceeding with decision making unfettered thereafter by not just constantly telling, first, omission-based and, then full-out direct lies, but by their also echoing us and generations not, yet, even born into civilizational oblivion. 

Originating with Marxism, then camoulflaged as cultural Marxism, and since the 1960s reborn in part under the philosophic Post Modernism, PC has most recently become no longer just a centrist management slight of hand crowd controller, but, too, a lay-culturesque popular as well as the historically aggressive and emphatically  hegemonic public management device. It caters with oxymoronic consequences to single thread-thin narrowness, prejudicially ensconsing into takeover-level organizationally propagandised bigotry related analysis, purpose, and all other elements of decision making, sometimes even UNrelated . . . Except, in their mutual intents and capacities to surreptitiously punish and destroy the target polity.

That is and as  always, when pc tries to stop an apparent offense to only one constituency, it denigrates otherwise vibrant and myriad reflections of America's multi-principled ancestral landscape, sometimes threatening the whole of which may still have great value. That referenced thwarted heritage, misfeasantly sundered here, streams emotion that appears to be evoked by current demographic changes and influences. No matter the covering experience, the damage is actually done to deeper layers of ideo-, psycho-, theo- and epistemo-logical bedrocks of reality. Each reaches with its own tentacles into connecting streams of additional profound feeling, that invade deep down into the myriad subsoils of these various and hosting eras' consciousnesses.

When used strategically, i.e., by either an external antagonist or one element of a polity to advance itself against another, that inherent contradiction — caused by selective address of emotional pain generated from only one of the, and sometimes even already conflicting, identity variables/perspectives — can be used to subvert into surrender the target in part, or frequently in its entirety. A once synaptically retained-by-its-members' and -descendants' beloved civilization loses those potentiated remembrances. Moreover, most innocents don't even know what hit them. The physical retentions of what they used to be are psycho-bombed as leaves scatter-spiraled into the wind, and notably without the sound and fury attending a standup mano-e-mano, shirt-against-skin, pedal-to-the-metal, rubber-meets-the-road (Varney, 1990, "Ernest Goes to Jail") encounter. Stripping a previously valued identity — for example, imposing methods that shame and thus contradict an existential element of reality, thereafter placing that element, even without a fight, into neuromoleculer and behavioral extinction − from affected iconic pillars formerly representing that identity sets the targeted system into a traumatically induced deconstructing swirl of change, the introspectively-perceptual apex or hallmark of which is diminishment of credibility, thus confidence, belief and faith in its whole self. 

Providing Noradrenergic and Opioid facilitants and some additional protein builders with which to depress through neuromolecular synaptic morphology the synaptic traces now becoming extinct, and then growing an alternative / inhibiting system of traces hosting the new and degenerated reality, the Hypothalymus, Adrenal-Cortical, Pituitary Axis (HAPA; also called biological "Stress Response") provides the substrate of the behavioral overlay: hysteria from and grief for the loss of the old reality. In politics, the activity is called normalizing the foisted transformation.

While so afflicted — that is while both individually and collectively working through the bio-psychological variables attending the loss/extinction caused by the change — the agonist hegemon has its political way. It advances over the vacuum created by, again, both individuals' and their systemic or collective polity's diminishment, to mean, first, neuromoleculor depression and inevitably and without intercession by the target of or upon the coming calimity, final extinction of those critical but formerly ordinary and then lesser ordinary existential elements of identities. The Machiovelli-neoMarxist-Gramsciesque and other psychopathic predator galore-led polities now advance absent the traditionally attending oppositional  encumberments — historically applied by anti-takeover pushbackers and other fighters for Constitutionally-balanced individual and collectively manifested freedoms — along the path to power.

Psycho-innard genocide of the target: now walking ideological dead. Revolution made easy by turning a target's heart — the host of its will to survive — into a bio-psycho-political zombified corpse. Nobody even makes it to the barricades. And most once-upon-a-time individualists, then, wind-up in the GULAG. If so fortunate for those yet to be sent off during mass murder of the formerly and once thought-to-be serious free thinkers.

Why is an interpretation of the biological component of the antagonists' takeover tactic necessary/important? It highlights that the antagonist's strategy is not just real to the target, but as invasively, to mean as physically deadly as a sniper's bullit striking home from great distances . . . the sound originating with the assault remains muted. Targets waddle along without defense not even aware that they are under attack  their numbers continuously dwindling into the conquered oblivion.

This overarching scheme's “contrivance” by-passes parallel decision-making processes, speaking, for example, of those democratic means that the public traditionally has used to represent or otherwise manage itself. That circumvention may advance the user for a while, but overall the bypass contributes to the more complete polity's heightened — through loss of not just identity, but efficaciousness/voice — contentiousness, a phenomenon such that it is now called “cultural wars.”

Emphasizing the known strategic use of the contrived application of pc as an off- or below-radar masses management methodology, and which I believe is through its subterfuge a major instigator and ongoing contributor to the referenced wars — constantly heightened turmoil — America's Secretary of State while on the panel of a USA, Turkey co-hosted OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) anti American-Islamophobia meeting, circa 2011, explained that anti-Islamophobia campaigns could be waged and their political goals achieved (in the West - America) by properly using a combination of "peer pressure" and "shaming" of the targeted polity. It would be comprised in this instance of those who did not agree with the referenced policy. She had good training in, and practical application of the method (shaming) starting with her academic study of Saul Alinski's work, taking the strategic-use-of-pc-management-history for that advocate/activist, eventual First Lady of the country, and then government employee, back at least to the nineteen-sixties (1968-69).

That strategic methodology when pointed toward institutional icons (school mascots in this specific reference) has been interpreted in some communities as an intrusive abrogation of the rights of a citizenry to influence, determine and control its own state of consciousness, or identity, or being and to include its image. Wisconsin has legislated rules that require protection of the fuller citizenry’s interests in exercising those options. Thus, certain elements of individual and collective being may NOT be tampered with by simple protest-inspired administrative fiat (an easier target), which can change with just a few people's, thus more limited perceptions of the matter — and in instances of high stress that may even pander only to popular currency — to include superficial study, analysis, training and experience.

Icons, like mascots for sporting enthusiasts comprising our institutions, are not always just recollections of frivolity. They are representations at some point in our lives of what we care about, and thus can become a significant, if not for some reflective/expression of identity, component of who it is that we are. Moreover, they may be carried in the belief/identity memory systems of alumni who then over time pour into the vast elements of a culture, forming into that entity a bedrock component for existence. If you are antagonistic toward an icon in that state (Wisconsin) and want to change it — its image offends your personal sensibilities — then you can’t just do it anymore by circumventing those bedrock-protecting constitutionally-approved traditional democratic appeals and guidelines, as the pc psychological shaming-based intervention is being perpetrated upon the rest of Western civilization, which apparently still includes Texas, today. 

Considering the trauma induced change by the Houston, 2014, board application to Indians, warriors and rebelling, the pc aspersion theme denies stature to these community icons' celebrations of a polity's periodic, and unattractive-to-Pacifist-administrators, visceral need to fight — in defense of homeland, for the principle of right-to-existence, and remembrance. Generally speaking at the end of the twentieth and beginning of the twenty-first centuries, I suggest that nobody in education management liked, or likes, visceralness, except when they want to clobber  some other side in an in-house political power struggle, or just another school at the Friday night sports contest.

The complaint underpinning this use of remedial guillotine-based-problem-solving is not as much about native American, slavery or oppression's imagery exploitation as it is about the fear of the commonalities in value being represented by the selection. That is, war-paint and old combatant/veteran outfits may stereotypify a whole people into thinking they should defend themselves against something — in this instance creeping and most often magisterially administered collective controls, the "something" being an aristocratically-formulated and autocratic-managing competitor for power: the political left and its centrist-management-based philosophical compatible dedicateds. Once in power/in control, fighting for principle is the something that the New, or for that matter even the regular Left, assuredly doesn't want anybody to do, and most certainly not in mass.

Let's test that stomping-out-visceralness-from-the-human-consciousness thesis by creating a control sample that changes mascot human caricatures into wildlife, being neither racial nor ethnic in orientation. Down the block from Houston, the Fawns of Deer Park Junior High School have been, according to their district's past executive management, affectionately, and I would imagine lovingly, heralded on its campuses as the "Fighting" Fawns.  Because of the human consciousness-functioning philosophies limiting today's kinds of thinkers in charge, the baby deer will still, though, at least referring to the appearance of the more aggressively hostile "Fighting" component of its informal handle carried in the hearts and minds of its constituents, eventually have to go. If and when,  during the next half century, the Fawns become re-modified, for example, to the "Energized-," "Invigorated," or "Innervated-," or maybe even knocked back down by the outside-contextual-sympathizing-socialmedia-makeoverers to the "Born-to-be-Calm-Fawns," then the citizenry will have its empirical proof, and will know what to do. Right now and while that test is ongoing, though, I think the main contrivance is to just stamp out identity-oriented standupedness at the more media attentive cultural levels currently thought to be worth targeting.

Parenthetically regarding animal mascot examples, I guess there'll be no more sooey pig calls for the Arkansas Razorbacks when Islam becomes more fully established in Fayetteville.*

*If you don't know already, unfettered (i.e. non-apologist) research will show you that "swine" are constitutionally banned in the Islamic civilization. When expanding its borders, newly contiguous programs, like the pig farm which is now next door to the emigrating Mosque in Katy, Texas, automatically become an offense — an intrusion upon Islamic identity, which then influences sensibility. It then requires ajudication. While ongoing (the Mosque complained to the local council), the Katy farmer held weekly public hog races, stirring the controversy and highlighting the battle over cultural differences-caused hurt feelings.

I jump up north and to non locals in this reference because the University of Arkansas was one of the first to establish the efficaciousness/validity of the pc motif in public feelings management, albeit the use was not related to wildlife, yet. At the behest of fairly newly school-integrating African American students, the band director — not the masses through their legislature — refused to play the school's traditional fight song, "Dixie," at the 1969 National Championship "Game of the Century" between the Hogs and my alma mater, University of Texas. But no matter that same inspirational music ban's rollover to Westbury's Confederacy theme where it (Dixie), too, was effaced, prospectively giving up the pig call because of demographically induced changing sensibilities is probably argued by some to not be our problem down here in another state, except now, maybe, in Katy.

And, worse than all that lesser important stuff about due process and so forth, what about outright and competitive balance-of-power-type consequences? Maybe the Razorbacks lost by that one point because their fight song, which represented an identity item supporting underdogs to rise above themselves to face overwhelming odds (as UT was both perceived and hyped prior to the contest), was pulled out from under them right in the middle of the stuggle, leaving their contestants to have to go on without that fully representational process otherwise protecting their good efforts. I DO know, from my experience as a Westbury defensive safety seven years earlier down in Houston, Texas, that we could never have beaten/upset the great Lamar Redskins of 1962, another targeted icon this year, without that song. Music, I guess like animals, can be important, too.

Turning back to local application to humans, under the also new guise of faux empathy-driven sensitivity management that attends pc decision-making activities, the heritage identity-dismissive board action aggressively attacks, by besmirching, the character of the participating schools' alumni that stood against global efforts to destroy the individualism-philosophy supporters of the twentieth century. Addressing that conflict forthrightly, which fight was initiated at the conclusion of WWI and then followed into the 1920s, accelerated in the 1930-40s and then ballooned in the 1950s, was the big challenge for high school graduates of the 1960s. Meeting that demand for character — heart, courage, stamina, and love of country — during equally demanding, i.e., social-conflagrating, times, SEVENTY PERCENT of eligible members from the classes of 1962-1965 still served in the United States armed forces. And some would go on to do greater than that.

Moreover, in making their part of that stand, the Westbury Rebels, benefiting from infusions of character by and from its earliest teachers, principals, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, a few cousins, some neighbors and, yes, even its musket-toting mascot (a veteran carrying a paper mache Civil War assault rifle in what would turn out in the twenty-first century to be Gun-Free zones), produced a people who fought for freedom under different circumstances than those going before us. And it was difficult. Something for which we were not prepared. We weren't just fighting "over there," but over here, too, when both leaving for theater and returning, often battle fatigued, to our supposed-to-be safe homes.

That adaptive nuance removed the anachronism from the Rebel icon, making it extant. To mean, we produced a new and non-sclerotic combat morale-management modality that still stands today when struggling for freedom: flexibly fighting an enemy that attacks asymmetrically from in front, within — thus behind — and sometimes when successfully coordinated, simultaneously. Being surrounded during armed struggle belies the in-charge type experience that is supposed to attend majority status. Hence, having rebel training, mindset and heritage can be, and was, helpful when fighting from the underdog role against ever disheartening changes in war, thus combatant/veteran, popularity. And that speaks the facts — regarding application of the contrived pc and shaming-based model's application to Vietnam, as opposed in this instance to Civil War Confederate, veterans — euphemistically.

Despite the challenges, and thanks forever for the final capitulation of the great Soviet Union — which was the New Left's  poster-child icon (the USSR) for the future of America — the Westbury Rebels won that war. No small feat, if not a Western civilization-saving one. Thanks also to both the Old (as charter start-ups) and eventually New Lefts' cultural embed programs into the journalism, entertainment and academe/education industries, the Rebels and other Cold Warriors from participating high schools coming from across Houston, Texas, and the rest of the nation, didn't even get a parade. I guess that without that positively reinforcing kind of celebratory public clamor, the currents are either unaware, or, if they ever were so apprised, have forgotten about the Westbury Reb's contribution to one of today's more existentially-oriented values — staying alive.

From Ethicless to Ethical Polity Trauma Management
Against the Forces Initiating Post Modern Era Onset 


2014 OPED Updated in 2017

In keeping with the "Introduction" to this Series, the following tableized text discussing psychtrauma elements of this subject from the ETM TRT SHOM perspective was added during late 2016 and early 2017, 2019.



Regarding whole polity ethical vs unethical pain management when demolishing roots, ancestry — an existence that most probably harbored aspects of not only hurt, anger, fear, derision, but also pride in, and love of self, family, community, and country for and within American consciousness — where the latter, failure to abide ethics, assures additional harm (likely to breed violence), the former (ethical approach) can offset those chances of the more destructive prospect.

Where people’s individual/collective hurt has been and still is today real —

trauma initiated etiologies (From this ebook's Glossary; trauma "etiology" refers to sources of profound and normatively repressed identity extinctions stored with correlating loss/emotional pain; and for graphic summary depiction of same also see SHOMbook's "Appendix B: Trauma Etiology . . . etc.") stemming from drug addicton, familially experienced Alcoholism, child sexual abuse, innocents battering, poverty, dislocation, parental separation/abandonment, mental illness, rape, suicide, homicide, disease and other such instigators of pain convolute that which might otherwise stem from broader causal notions like racism, genderism, general downtroddenism, unfair economicisms or one of the similar readily manipulatable-for-crowd-/mob-controlled victimizationisms  — 

we should applaud conscientious recognition of such harm and support the most effective attempts to address it. Those proto fixes, however, and particularly when enjoining such complex melees, begin, progress, and end with incremental clinical/managerial focus upon each etiology-causing source of trauma, and then become determinedly resolved to reverse those influences as they affect each and then every individual living within the maelstrom. NOT too big a job if done right (see the introduction to SHOMBook).

Unaddressed, unresolved significant trauma can cause or otherwise allow the occurences of the great furors of the world. At age seventeen (1887),Vladimir Lenin watched his older brother be hanged for trying to assassinate the Czar's son, the next Romanov's leader. Literature shows that the father practical architect of the twentieth century Soviet Union was profoundly influenced by the near childhood experience. And beginning in his first year of life, 571AD, Muhammad's initially presenting neurological disorder (Epilepsy) apparently became too much for his mother to manage. He was abandoned to a foster mom; and the community in Mecca is said to have stigmatized him because of the malady and its psychosocial ramifications, even ostrasizing him from important elements of child development. See the myriad Muslim-authored biographies of The Prophet Muhammad's life comprising the sira. But I liked best F.W. Burleigh, 2014, for an easily readable English description of the same, the Messenger's life, and the influences those traumas had upon it.

Remedies, however and from within this view (mine — author of Eiotropic Trauma Management [ETM]TM, Trauma Resolution Therapy [TRT]TM, Strategic Human Ontological Management [SHOM]TM) should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER be applied with methods, like polemics otherwise advertised as analyses unfettered-by-broadly-bigoted-academic-multi-/inter-generational-psycho-history-theory, that compound the hurt through omission-contexed dishonesty (telling only one side of the story in order to achieve a current political goal), or more likely fatuously convenient (cliches declaiming individual and mass phobias), glibly inaccurate (mob-thought-conformed-analyses), and probably just sciolistically stupid other collective misdirections. If that mass shifting-on-to-political interpretation of internalized early (e.g. local to familial levels) trauma-caused emotional experience is allowed to happen, much less the diversion facilitated, the more localized-caused pain will remain stored within both the individual and systemic reality systems to power the new cause. Once linked to that cause's operational impetus, which presents as a purportedly life-, but actually faux-betterment movement — connection underpins cult formation and its mesmerizingly ulterior diabolical management — the localized experience is almost impossible to address in an otherwise  proper (As in Etiotropically, that is to mean etiology-focused) clinical setting. Nosotropically (i.e. symptom-focused) administered Behavioral therapy advocates and practioners gave up trying to intervene on the imbedded-cult-/conformism-strengthened-thought-control malady long ago — when fallaciously declaiming, first, behavioral symptoms of psychological trauma to be its etiology, and second, its principal collective organizational pillar, individual and systemically manifesting/expressed post trauma stress to be an incurable disorder.

Generally, "address" and "proper," for those of you who do not follow these things, require in this management approach that feelings be individually identified in clinical settings, then experienced existentially — where possible and for a while, giving the process time to complete itself, avoiding psychotherapy-styled guesswork as to the why that they exist or to what they are attached — which when so methodologically strategically constrained, then, most always leads also to their fairly simplified dissipations. Once conclusively achieved, it's quite easy to KNOW with certainty and congruity the absolute locus of feeling's real initiaton. No more worry that unaddressed or superficially only noted emotion will turn hoped for intellectual analysis into rationalized-doctrinally-loaded tribal-level-influencing calamities in judgment, otherwise passed on as erudition just because mob cacophony tries to make it that way.

I'm NOT intending to demean here psychodynamic forms of psychotherapy applied in clinical settings. But I do asseverate that ETM TRT SHOM's strategic simplification curtails UN- or NON-structured psychodynamic-led wanderings into layers of life not necessarily/actually pertinent to the culmination/reversal/ending of a particularly devastating experience of trauma. Processing emotion accordingly can lessen, if not entirely remove trauma's deleterious influences on decision making, both conscious and otherwise. And to the presenting challenges in this paper, that kind of proper address renders the human consciousness not as manipulable by the trauma-exploiting depraved.

There is a point to this opinion; and, reemphasizing, it is not to debate the various values of competing clinical applications. Media commentators today fairly routinely report that entire polities appear to be engaged in extensions of clinical therapies into the public protests, and emphasizing public education arenas. But the facilitators of these extensions are not the clinical application trained elements of the society who initiated the methodologies now going public. They are instead politicos or experts whose backgrounds are likely based in other disciplines like journalism, education, political science and law, professionals without substantial experience facilitating the myriad facets attending psych-clinical activities, or even a knowledge of epistemologies influencing the perspectives from which they form their views. Without such knowledge, experience, background, discussion or dialogue, debates become clashes of thought models (see SHOMBook  Appendix A: Sorting differences in perspective for managing trauma in the global) that will always present as unreconcilable, except through manifestations of power — majority vote, adjudications within courts, violent revolution.

I've been writing about that extension for a while (Please see The Great Evidence-Based, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Self Help and Government Merger: Monopolistic Cultural Infusions of Pharmacological and Behavioral Whackomole; Or for Combat Trauma — Cope or Cure?!). Groups, through their leaderships, claim wholesale traumatization of complete constituencies, even demanding or otherwise supporting clinical mimicking safe spaces, which is what the confidentially protected clinical settings provide. Without adequate trainings or experience, the public problem solvers may and do interpret collectively expressed and presenting pain superficially: with no regard for local — again to reference familial or intrapsychic — influences. Compounding the failure to address pain properly, i.e., with more accurate empathy, the thought and vociferously argued to be over reacting complainers are in turn ridiculed by the opposition: they are called whiners, even too extra-light-squeeze-triggered "snowflakes." A divide presents and then grows past the capacity for civil, to in the minimum mean non-violent, reconciliation of the various polities' pain-caused differences, and in particular the meanings ascribed to and behavior consequent of them.

Moreover, when or if instead leaping to historical interpretations of mass I've-been-done-wrong-activist-posturing — where fauxified, even professional-like victims use the supposed-to-be feeling ident part of the process as a club or bataca (a padded night stick used by Behaviorists to teach controlled anger expression to patients/clients) with which to batter their current adversaries — and then taking, or becoming embroiled in mass behavioral control action (engaging retribution through use of "I" statements for confronting social perps) against the blamed, nothing significant ever gets intrapsychically (individually introspective real depth), if ever, too, interactionally (relationally) resolved. That is of course unless the targets of the projections can be done away with through some form of excommunication/banishment/exile, or even in more startling historic cases, mass GULAGization and murder.

And that causes even more serious harm for the victim-to-eventual-purveyor's psychology, prospectively dooming it. Under Joseph Stalin's post 1927 leadership, the early Bolsheviks tasked with applying the first mass terrors to the population being transformed were said to be working in subsequent afterperiods in stress-caused stupors. Thus within the Party and even before the Stalin era, they were called by Lenin "deadmen on furlough" (see The Great Terror: A Reassessment, 2007,  p113-114, by Robert Conquest).

The "dooming" may not just be about psychology as beating up on people can increase the backlashing likelihood of physical confrontation by targets' survival, and also eventually to be equally rough and tough counter activities. Consequences could include physical war; and suicide where and when the catastrophe of projections through the transformation of others do not satisfy the demands made upon the psych by, probably, localized trauma caused pain attending the otherwise and also probably non politically-caused trauma etiology.

Remedies then become attempts by the duped new adherents to this referenced as antagonist thought model to always redefine their surroundings, and in so doing attempting to conform them to and with macro or Big Politic interpretation of what seems to be wrong with their more than likely locally-caused and -disrupted internals. To maintain that perpetual-psych-confusion fix, somebody in charge of the obviously cultic operation has to keep rewriting the external realities' histories in order to stabilize control of the halucinatory-based hysterias being both added and managed. Hence, with little to no congruent resolution of nearly anything anywhere, stripping the system of icons wherever found — in this Semi-Grassrootist's depiction referring to the Westbury High School Rebel mascot — is required because the Confederate veteran titled "Rebel," represents some contact with some truth, always the salient anathema to such collectively delusional formations. In this reference, the American Civil War caused — to include those dying from war wounds extending into the turn of the century — three quarters of a million Americans' deaths, inferring meanings existed that would benefit understanding from continued, if not perpetual profound study of all its suspected and advertised causations, not just one or two that may support a particular political currency.

To take some offsetting examples of prospective differences in causal theories, Daniel Hannan argues in Inventing Freedom: How the English Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World, 2013, that both the late eighteenth century American Revolution and the subsequent war between the states of 1861-1865 were the second (the first occurring in the mid seventeenth century and attended by the removal and execution of the English Sovereign Charles I during the — 1640 to 1688 — rise and then demise of Oliver Cromwell, carrying on through Whig-Torie conflict until the end of that hundred years increment) of the British civil war being waged in the overarching "Anglosphere's" developments. For a second, and my having Semi-Grassrootist responsibilities, but mostly responding on behalf of the macro epistemological requirements for the Etiotropic trauma management perspective that America's start-up conflicts, and as well those dating back to at least the periods in which the Classics began to merge with the originating thinkings manifested by oriental philosophical and Western adapted Judeo to Christian thought, have been an effort to determine the truest — most accurate — formulation of the human consciousness and how it individually, inter-relationally, and systemically operates both most effectively and disastrously, particularly in response to struggle.

Furthermore, the word "rebel" can be applied to myriad, and not always bad historical polities, especially if the side so labeled eventually rises to extant-in-charge status. That ever-manipulation, contrived changing-of-history model, done in this instance through omission, of course is the very well recognized Orwellian method depicted in his works as the oppositional agonist. 

Hoping to simplify the consequences of that reconfigure and rewrite idea with one personal sharing example, and not to mention, I guess, that I'm still angry about it, were I to have accepted that historical altering method as its followers have applied it over the period of my life, at least according to the new and deconstructing shaming-based modality spins of, upon or to reality, I must have recognized the significance of having been born of the wrong Texas ancestry (i.e., my fifth removed and only eight years old grandfather shouldn't have come to the region when Mexico initially opened Tejas to immigrants in 1821). Nor should I have been born, again unlucky for me, in the wrong Builders' Era, 1900-1945, (should have come into the world after 1945 — the Builders from that wrong era were redescribed to be aggressive colonizing capitalist imperialists); and as the wrong race and gender (WM); and sexual disposition (hetero, apparently); and particularly as representive of this icon-diminishment problem having gone to the wrong once-Southern-honoring junior/senior high schools in Houston, Texas. And more, as I believed I was gifted to have dated-liked-loved hard working charactered girls/extra femininistically creative young ladies/robustly enterprise-/family-dedicated and in particular single parenting women, who no matter their life strengths, hardships and selfless sacrifices, now in retrospect are seen by the pc shamers as having been diabolically priviledged by apparent molecular-(skin color)-rolling-into-cultural-advantage design, and by those same patho-narcissistically warped-thought-by-themselves-to-be-perspicacities still positing a half century later that I served militarily on the also wrong side, America's, during war.

Well, maybe it wasn't all bad luck. Rather than going to University out of highschool as an intellectual aspirant, I served instead in the United States Marine Corps during the preponderance of that otherwise hysterical historical hullabaloo: mid 1960s' homefront takeover through academic revisionism by what I've come to believe was, and has increasingly matured today into, a well methodologically organized and outlaw-funded faux educational criminally seditious class. So I didn't think any of those things that (from the then oppositional counter-culture) way, keeping myself fairly intact, psychologically immune even to the final "Great Transformation" beginning in 2008, and growing in strength until the equally — and Les Deplorables led — "Great Counter-Transformation" began for real in this latter period, 2015-2017. Saved. Or maybe better expressed in fly-over lexicon terminology, pretty nearly.

Generally said and despite my personal experiences — dodging — of the referenced attempted mob-imposed transformational changes, I've not pushed a political agenda for the first thirty-five of the last fifty years in which I've been active in this trauma management arena. Like the work we did in practice (multiple government licensed or JCAHO accredited treatment facilities), we could and would address all trauma regardless of political, or for that matter most all cultural dispositions. We took great pride in that address. However, and probably because of those personal experiences where I was trying overtly to remain in good stead who I once was or at least used to be, I AM of the political opinion that the country would be much better off if our alleged brightest would quit using supposedly objective, but more realistically ideo-fusion-indoctrinated and thus lopsidedly skewed empirical research facades for blaming most of today's civilizational pain on American Revolution, Confederate, Yankee Indian Wars-fighting, Vietnam and really really old colonizing-for-the-various-capitalist-empires white heterosexual male veterans (apparently insensitive to the whole of their racially- and gendered-oriented — and much worse, privileged — sensibilities) and their, also now being maligned for stalwartly overcoming adversities that others in the world can't, yet, even talk about, female life partners and other civilization-standards-maintaining equalizers.

Speaking intendedly polemically to what I've concluded in my personal history produced — until the recent two pronged assault on free speech via proscription of defamation of deities and exclusion of public discussions of topics not liked — the most serious politics that influenced my/our world: If there ever was, as the mostly onward and forward academes have posited during this last half century, a vanguard of evil quagmire plaguing this country, it really started oozing fifty years ago like a hazardous toxic waste spill from the consciousnesses of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) hosted drug induced mumbled psycho-projections of 1960s youth having been terrified by the first time ever fairly full depiction of the horrors of war on color TV. Following its transitioning-via-trauma-exploitation into take-over political philosophy gone bezerk, that fear-/terror-underpinned philosophy then staggered on out of the 1970s from within the conceptualizations of the then so called radical Weatherman Underground* thought, now in the twenty-first century clandestinely euphemised as progressive consciousness.


*The "Weathermen" of my youth were really not that bright, or at least very smart. They just leaped on the demising of their model as once the mainstay of Soviet management intellect, and then sold — no matter that it was losing favor in its home country — it here to some Brothers in Collectivism (BIC). Youths at the time joined those Brothers because the increased numbers made the terrified vacuous feel like they were more than they actually were. Their effort, nevertheless its intellectual impotence, was to become THE method for grabbing control of the nation's means of production. And, I've always been surprised that the Weatherers and now Progressives have gotten away with ANY political traction despite the catastrophe-illuminating works of Solzhenitsyn's (Gulag Archipelago, released in the West in the 1970s) and Vitya Kravchenko's detailed descriptions (I Chose Freedom, 1946) that told the world freedom usurpers' story, the real one that provides the slight of hand psycho-mob-control-of-individual-thought referenced in this essay and being applied as a cause of the "new" or second Civil War in 2017 America (see David Horowitz's and Daniel Greenfield's essays) with unambiguous clarity. Barry Rubin (From Warraq referring to Rubin; "the late Director for the Global Research in International Affairs Center at the Interdisciplinary Center, in Herzliya, Israel,")

"Warraq, Ibn. The Islam in Islamic Terrorism: The Importance of Beliefs, Ideas, and Ideology (Kindle Locations 552-553). New English Review Press. Kindle Edition." 

also referenced below and in several places herein, describes the processes leading up to this prospective and strengthening conflict as the Silent Revolution — How the Left Rose to Political Power and Cultural Dominance, 2014. 

From another perspective, though, I don't know why I or anyone should be so "surprised" that the peoples do not learn from history, whether they study it or not. A long time ago Solzhenitsyn gave us the following insight, which now provides one of the leads for SHOMbook, 2014-:

“Once I used to hope that experience of life could be handed on from nation to nation, and from one person to another, but now I am beginning to have doubts of this.”

The moronic, I think that aspersion appropriate more so than even "radical," ideological leftist filth spawned and illegally hammered into our once younger persons' psycho-innards did not, no doubt thank God, find a home in the hearts and minds of some of those men and women who although born of the same generations, contravened the hysterically repugnant by profoundly caring for this country's original principles and endearing them into the current. These heroic individual citizens achieved that by loving their peoples, their heros, and in fighting for the survival of the freedom this good country offered not just HER citizens, but in doing/giving (upon request) those good works to the world, too, and in its entirety. 

Toppling historic statues — terminating school mascots like the rebel, other warriors, and to include icons representing Indian peoples comprising this heritage — before the last barricades have been stormed/defended/assaulted, depending on which side is manning them, is not just premature celebratory revolution over-fervor; the regime change has not been completely achieved, yet. It is, as is occurring in this application, the means of circumventing those more ostensibly obvious violence-representing-serious-conflict barricading activities altogether; the takeover component of the poisonous transformation is kept hidden until it has been fully completed. Try to keep from firing a shot; until your side has, at least, rounded up all the bullets.

Somebody, someday, will likely entitle that sneak-up method, say instead of using some nebulously diversionary words like "Rules for Radicals," to maybe something more upfront. For example, "Revolution Made Easy: how to steal a country before anybody in it knows what hit them" would do it. Reiterating for emphasis, the late and I've believed best all time foreign to domestic policy analyst, Barry Rubin, has already named it with his so titled 2014 book, again and for continuing emphasis The Silent Revolution — How the Left Rose to Political Power and Cultural Dominance (2014). But where he did, therein, cover thoroughly the attendant cultural Marxism's strategic switch (early 1970s) by the progressive left from takeover-by-shotguns-and-pitchforks to the Gramsci conceptualized, and Aliansky-hyperbolically-influenced, all to mean, sneakier "Long March Through the Institutions," Dr. Rubin didn't discuss the role of lower level symbols' (in this opinion-expression instance referring to school mascots) desecration as I've argued against here.

So how does symbol desecration, or maybe better said symbolic execution of the indefensible — because they are already dead — play out for everyday citizen observers in this seemingly politically-benign circumstance? I mean, what's the big deal for those who in exercising their good freedom don't see a problem with the process, assuming that there is factual merit in the notion and fairly constant reports that the demolition is even ongoing, not to mention razing the pre 1960s' American identity landscape?

The unhyped answer is that it is an initiating sequela in the downward stairstepping to mass extinction of a polity's common reality. It's then followed by the contrived actual removal by imprisonment (to mean GULAGing) of those elements of that reality who do not surrender/submit to the would be psycho-word conquerers. Death, and sometimes — or is likely to follow through — enslavement of the non compliant, intractable, and counter-revolutionary host can be expected. It is comprised of those who would argue against trauma-exploiting application of the shaming devices. They are sentenced in the recent Civil War, Islamic State, immigration, and women's equality re debates with mass declamations: Racists, Islamophobes, Sexists, and such. 

Sitting in a Weathermen's 1970s planning meeting, the undercover operative for the FBI, Vietnam veteran and author of Bringing Down America (2013, 1976), Larry Grathwohl witnessed a dialogue whereby future progressives posed the same question to each other that was presented to and by Lenin as he constructed the original Red Terror. "How many," Lenin asked his statistician, (paraphrased) "do we need to kill of the recalcitrants/disgruntled — those who don't want to go along wth our program." "About fifteen million," came the answer. And so it would be, thereabouts, just for the leadup to the 1927-on Great Terror, only occurring according to the model's twenty-first century apologists because Stalin, all by himself, lost his way into dictatorship. The original Marxist management approach was OK, say the always-name-changing disciples, just here misapplied by an extra narcissistically bad person.

The future of the new American Democratic party following its eventual takeover by the very weirdly named — because their tribalism antics look more RE- rather than PRO-gressive — leftist-centric mob would respond in kind, but according to Grathwohl only guessing that about twenty-five million would have to be sent off. Probably most of the sendees being conservative, religious, and, hopefully for the policult's side NOT gun-toting-hardened-by-American-styled-freedom-loving, God-fearing, Jeffersonianly democratic, and ammunition-hoarding Jacksonian deplorables. "Oh," wistfully/whimsically expressed as if it were a new idea that he alone had surmised, said (paraphrased) Solzhenitsyn after staying a little while in America, "I sometimes wonder if we'd had home guns and such, like all these undisciplined Americans, all those millions of persons purges, murders and GULAG-visits might have gone differently."

"Yes," I would have been so privileged to say to him, "Concealed and Constitutional Carry, family ARs, and NGO individual stocks of ammo would go a long way in slowing those once innocent to the point of naivete college-aged-children-turned-home-grown-masked-monsters down." Faced with something real, "Let's get back to our group therapies-on-dope and work through this!" they would quickly conclude. "I mean if we might actually DIE for this cause, we need to figure out, FIRST, who's the revolutionary here, and then who's the counter. We can't get PHYSICALLY hurt for something that's not defined or otherwise categorized properly, or at least worded right!" would opine the academic erudite leadership wannabees. And after some more deep thought, they would exhale at the epiphanologically inspired moment that great circle of insight is completed; "And anyway, our old outdated profs from the 1960s are the people who got us into this mess in the first place. But," say these Y and I (Young and Inexperienced) carriers of intergenerationally handed down intellectual plague, "because of this crap, we're going to have to rename ourselves all over again. Hmmm . . . I got it! Maybe something with 'New' and 'Justice' in it."  

Hey! What about, though, that Stockholm-Syndrome-inspired-pacifists-in-denial-face-saving trope for core cowards being engaged by the onslaught: "Sticks, stones and broken bones . . . but words will never hurt me?" "Doesn't THAT protect us, albeit attended by some slight identity-based but at least mindful adaptations?!"

No. Not in these kinds of CCCCI (Contrived-Concerted-Continuous-Calamity-Induced) trauma exploitation cases. "Racism", "Infidelism" and "Deplorableism" are social-cultural outcasting adjudications/sentences passed by the psychopathically-infused always-newness-celebrating-mob. Once so remarkably declaimed, the show trial is over. And you've been listed as part of those who just can't be converted to the applicable collective. You'd be seen as impossible to manage: too commonly stupid to get, as have they, the big picture. You and all your loving associates are now on that opposition's list to eventually be told "You'll have to go." 

You died — but don't know it, yet — on the day Houston professional educators voted to replace the more than half century old southern honoring, paper mache and superglued Westbury Rebel mascot, with an Alaskan Husky: an Iditerod-competing-blizzard-busting-sled dog. It, and albeit I like dogs a lot, now serves as the local and semi-tropically heated community's symbol for a place that otherwise sees for about fifteen minutes, one inch of snow nearly every seventy-two years.

"So what does that prove?!" asks this batch of camo-covered-new-Stetson- and globally-made-by-Bangladeshies cowboy-boots-wearing and carpetbagging-ready new-social-justice fightbackers. That you yet-assimilated super change agents helping us poor Texas southerners, most likely or at least pretty much, gotta be from out of state. 

The essential purpose of this OPED: If a society wants to overcome trauma-causing hardship for an individual or group, the pain of ALL involved must not be exploited by polities or constituents intendedly coming to the affair with extra and deceptive traditional-debate-corrupting agendas. Those agitprops may surreptitiously use the pain and the ever-compounding expansion of it, as is done when slandering heritage icons like monuments to veterans and other indigenous warriors, to destroy belief in a system these activists don’t support, and probably for other reasons. Calculated demonizing-styled undermining of the values-worthiness of the protectors of a civilization — its defenders and founders — leave its epistemo-ideo-methodo-logical tenet pillars unguarded, thereafter forcibly facililating more rapid erosion of the archetypally presenting stanchions that weren't just used for its original construction, but which are supposed to hold it together in perpetuity. That weaponized kind of politicization of polity pain — by calculated design — is not just a professionally unethical psycho-management modality, but its willfully, to mean unequivocally intending to destroy that which is loved, targeting that degenerative application by a host nation's betraying members to and upon the rest of the nation's citizens is unconscionably vulgar, dastardly obscene.

It's no deep secret that "Hard", "New", and declaimed, again by the recently departed Barry Rubin, to be in the twenty-first century the "Third" Left, historically haven't and don’t today care for any part of Capitalism and sometimes the democracy — of the bourgeois (mainstream) variety — attending it. Rubin emphasizes, too: this Third Left is substantively distinguishable from the-once-upon-a-time good liberalism. The former is comprised of more radical-like progressives. Where the old-styled American historic libs (The college students who told the pre conversion CP-prosylitizing Whittaker Chambers that they really weren't ready, yet, to overthrow the American government.) are at least thought by some to be trying to help the world, the radicals just look like they are trying to steal it.

Those constituents, all hailing from the earlier works of Marx, Lenin and Gramsci, albeit morphing their images following each era of their program's failure and loss with new base ideology-obfuscating name identifiers and more publically acceptable but always masquerading titles and talking points, want to replace the disliked structure with what the ever-serious-socialist-evolution/revolution-oriented believe is another economic and then, also what to them is a more stable thought/behavior-control, and demonstrably more elitist (That is to mean top-to-down, with uppers having lifetime discretion over the lowers' formations of consciousness, sort of like monarchies.), public management model. Building themes around a few once truly clobbered people, policultic (i.e., a cult posing as a democratically principled organization) marketers scam for add-on members from young, impressionable, inexperienced, and thus naive adherents, and mentally confused, converting the new prey into a whirlwind of cause warriors with ever hyped fraudulent misrepresentations — faux academic narratives regarding true or real social justice: they are actually only power grabs by the never-eco-productive-semi-educated-always-community-organizing-parasitic — of the same cult's avaricious aims, and egregious mechanisms for attaining them. After a while, maybe several decades or so, these now pseudointellectually-molded, always-disgraced-into-name-changing, once-upon-a-time-innocent prey, become the new pc-fused-with-opprobrium-dispensing, ethiclessly predatorial ideologues.

Well constructed policults just keep rolling along over and through their manipulatedly ensnared generations, ever expanding their memberships with the tried and true methods of deception and applied genocide: lying, plotting, and even killing to, respectively, obfuscate or justify their frauds — achieve their absolutely always thought to be righteous ends. Stated aims? Preparing for somebody's judgment day, or building utopia-styled heavens right over there somewhere on earth, say for example, maybe in Kansas, Vermont, Appalacia, or even Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Or, if not that far to the what-used-to-be acceptable fringe, but though now has become the mainstay of one of America's two largest political constituencies, the new thought model being imposed just targets-shames/-demonizes somebody, even whole classes of folks because they are from the opposition — Democrat-Republican, Progressive Liberal-Neo Conservative, Labor-Management, Islamist-Israeli, Secular New Left-Non Secular Far Right, White Nationalist-Multishade Pigmented Nihilists, True Patriots-Lesser Honest Anarchists, Germans-Rest of the World. And that form of intendedly destructive shaming of collective identities eventually, as in inevitably, and no matter that model advocates and users wish it weren't true, necessitates some kind of violence-driving backlash, whether restricted to the individual settlement-of-honor level in a two person duel, Sunnah sanctioned/authorized dead-of-dark murder of those who worship wrongly, or more systemically in set piece battle being waged at a front somewhere between differentiated-by-identity-politic masses. 

Fine. And, double fine. Although Westbury Rebels and the American like come from a historic line of seriously protective fighters, where we can, we’ll still — as have those of us who've understood the structural value of non violent persuasion over forced dictate — try first to sidestep prospective physical altercations, and just slug irregular, i.e., extra-extreme differences out in otherwise regular, but fatiguing old American debate. Despite system strains and stresses, our argument declaims: hegemons must and will recognize today, so that they’ll stop even trying to apply the contrivance-shame-based-pc stratagem, that the whole of the public is not, and even though today we are struggling through the roar of the storm, going to allow them, no matter how righteously justified they believe they are in promoting their causes, to sneak in the psychologically manipulative back door ─ using/exploiting profound pain otherwise being and previously incurred by that polity/the-all-of-us, the attackees, particularly for acquiring social control, political power, and inevitably the grand prize lotto, having first dubs on the products of everybody else's hard work. The days of these psycho-nation-identity-skewing-schemers' sending the excommunicated, like us old Westbury Rebels, to the GULAG just on the shortcutting authority of the sneaky agendas-hiding, characterologically slippery Offendeds Management Department, are coming to an end.

That pilloring-without-referendum concoction of virally assaulting political-takeover social Termitoidae will eventually be extirpated from the vacuous ideological enclaves they've created in our culture, our homes, our communities, our nation, our civilization. The remains of that Roach family's psycho-conniving hegemonic epistemology and methods for its advance — trauma pain-exploiting guidons that teach the unfortunate hysterically extreme how to lie, cheat, steal and foment harm, wherein and as the mob passes the civilization's prior restraints against destruction of property and even murder, of good, allegedly for its eventual betterment, no less — will be swept back to the eras in which they belong. They are the seemingly always autonomic-individual-scarcity-predominating tribal ways and means from which their lowered and inevitably master-slave based epistemologies and other  group dependent ideas were derived. E.g.s? Genghis Khan and his thirteenth-to-fourteenth century raging sons and nephews; Lord of the Flies; the carnivorous 1792 French Revolution; early 1930s Ukranian famine (For the instigator to insider local manager view see Kravchenko's description, 1946); the two-hundred seventy million innocent dead strewn by always rationalized Islamic empirialism from Iberia-to-North Africa-to-the Mideast-to-Anatolia-the Balkins-Russia-the Stan-ending countries, India-to-Indonesia, the Philipines, Thailand, and now Bakersfield, CA, Orlando, FL, the east coast of America, in particular New York City; and as always of course, the workologies of Uncles Joe and Mao; and developing as we speak out of the same philo-methodological death stench suffocating and globally presiding sludge, just plain "O' No; Not Again!?"  

I agree! I agree even twice!! And for emphasis I, again, agree a third time!!! Let's address, but ALWAYS with prudently ethical thoroughness, the profound emotional pain of our citizenry; but don't do so in a manner that engenders irreverence for the significant meaning that pain has for real progression of both the individual and collective human consciousnesses. That is, say "No!" to frivolously double messaged and masquerading as evolution quick fixes, e.g. exclaiming "Love Not Hate" while in the same moment burning down others' life-long pursuits of essence reflected not just in small icons like statues and mascots, but sometimes manifested as entire cities. Respond adamantly oppositional when core existential realities — bedrock tenets of continuity — are challenged, not with intent to truly understand, but instead to scurrilously render them sundered. Reject political correct thought models otherwise designed to control public decision making through surreptitious means — lying through omission of the whole. Restore rigorous pursuit of truth and honor to open fair debate of our always-presenting differences.

And what about the impetus of congruency of life provided by trauma management ethics? They are coming to polity trauma management with the always Etiotropically-based SHOM. And when they rightfully prevail over the trashing trauma exploitative, policultically-developed, methodological system-degenerating alternatives, we'll return the strength of perdurable good to the best that the world has ever known. And, we'll be Americans again.


In the mean-time, laud the memory of the Westbury Rebels. And, while you are at it, praise the other three admin-abused schools, too. Lamar was once the shining light in all Houston competitions, holding that position until the Rebels came along. Don't ridicule the best that we are just because some politically misdirected administrator from out-of-state doesn't know how to do legitimate (real, as in fully empathy-based for all interests) reconciliation therapy for Texas caliber masses.

Honor your roots, Houston. Reject the statism-employed shaming mechanisms — the Art of Contrived Stigmatization — that Machiavellian-styled take-over-marketeer-mentals use to denigrate who you are. Stop the ident-extermination method that surreptitiously sends — while you are otherwise educating your children, cutting the grass in the backyard, fishing, loving your grandkids, playing golf, or working hard to keep your family in food and shelter — your views, ideals and your vote, and thus control of all of our lives, into exile. Stand up with the Westbury Rebels who stood up for you during the great Cold War of the twentieth century, and which adversaries' nihilism-supporting, Leftist-applied, always-attempting-to-conquer-everything-contiguous principles still — through implementation by bureaucratic management dullards gone pc wild — rumble inanely along in the twenty-first. Don't; and plan on losing the Sam Houstons, Thomas Jeffersons, George Washingtons, James Madisons, the poor old cross-dressing escapists Jeff Davises, and of course, the rest of America's all time greatest general, Robert E. Lee. Pretty soon, you'll wonder where — not just the Constitution, but . . .  — the whole damned country went, and be walking around in a gigantic political stupor mumbling "Well how did we get here? No more prayer, fighting baby deer, hostiles, Civil War mementos, thrilling fight music (the way the Westbury Marching Band used to play Dixie) and probably Soooooooey pig calls and, then, barbecued pork ribs, nor anything condoning even necessary — as in protection-based — violence once thought of as required for civilized safety to prevail. Lost in our new emotion-reform-control-and-perpetually-exploitable(ed) paradise: the Always-Happily-Dociled-By-Tricky-Phobias-Besmirching-Opprobrium, the ever current New Peoples' Republic of the also New North America."

Icon-/mascot-/statue-demolition reduced: that new title conveyed from within this new world interpretation by the newests New Left's rift-rafting thought model is to mean that the old USA — which some of us used to love — never happened. Go against these psycho-tricksters and try to operate out of the real reality, to mean that culture of individual freedom which brought us here, and the control-everybody-else-but-themselves-mob's villifications declaim that you are anti-everything newly valuable in today's new world order — you'll have to go, and leave all that you never built, about one hundred and twenty trillion in real property, but excluding national parks, behind for the predator politico hyenas, reparations-seeking jackals, and scavenger buzzards' pickings.

Think I'm making more of this once-only-thought-to-be-by-some-inegmatic-but-now-being-realized-in-the-main-as anti-American-thetic trash-heap of a mindset than I should be? Going into 1935, Vladimir Lenin's widow, Nadejda Konstantinova Krupskaya, withdrew support from the Party's component being managed by Stalin. No one knew what to do with her, the lack of endorsement and all. So Stalin tried, formally — and during the period described by Robert Conquest as the Great Terror — saying on the Party's record that the Reds could create whatever reality they chose. They could just appoint another woman to be  Ilyich's widow.

Now regarding the veteran icon, our mascot that some love and others understandably hate; big differences produce big volatilities. They, in turn, produce equally big philosophies, perspicacities, conflict resolution and instigation-to-takeover strategems, ever enmesched broader/deeper expression-restricting collective mob-like tribal/government controls, and such. Despite those several and also BIG truths, thank God in the twentieth century for the also equal-to-the-challenge bigly character the Westbury Rebel's counter-statism-management symbolism representatively connotes: a once-upon-a-time more straight-forwardly-minded, abuse-rejecting, defending-gun-at-the-ready, viscerally anti-politically-correct, and though under twenty-first century Messianic-Management rules viewed as heretically imperfect, still an esteemed — as held by the truest gist of our heritage — Texas fighting legend.

Jesse W. Collins II ("Skip"- class of 1964) Author —
How the Westbury Rebels Saved Western Civilization from Extinction

 © 2014, 2016, 2017
Jesse W. Collins II